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Ascension with All Saints (AwAS) is a Church of England Parish Church in the Modern Catholic tradition. We love the tradition of worship, although we use modern language, yet at the same time our theological thinking (how we consider the relationship between God and the world) is very much based in the here and now. We are not afraid to tackle the difficult issues of our time and if we don’t know the answers we say so. Ours is an honest and thoughtful kind of Christianity which seeks to be inclusive, welcoming and also challenging. 

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Inclusive Church

AwAS is a member of Inclusive Church, which encourages us to be a community which is welcoming to people of all backgrounds and abilities, helping everyone reach their potential as sisters or brothers of Jesus.
 We are a community that not only worships together but enjoys an active and varied social life which tries hard to provide events which may be enjoyed by all ages.


A new District, known as “The District of the Ascension, Chelmsford” was formed in 1930. At this time there was no permanent Church, so the licensed building of St. Peter’s was used for worship.

It was on the 29th September 1962 that the new Church of the Ascension was completed and consecrated, and thus became the Parish Church. The Lord Bishop of Chelmsford, John Tiarks officiated at the consecration ceremonies. The architect of the new Church was Lawrence King. Mr. King is well known for his modern Church architecture and his use of gold leaf in decoration. Features such as the eastward facing High Altar and Stations of the Cross depicted around the building, indicate the traditional form of worship observed.

Upon the completion of the Ascension building, St. Peter’s was closed and many of its members were transferred to the Ascension. A number of those who were present at the Consecration Service in 1962 are still involved in the activities of the Church today, together with many who have joined over the years

During this time the Church has been fortunate to be served by faithful priests. The most outstanding was the late Father Thomas Gabriel Cousins, from 1951 to 1978. The parish was then administered by Frs. Derek Cowie, Michael Fox and Michael Atkinson. They were followed by Fr. Ivor Morris who served the parish for over twenty years from 1990 – 2011, when he left the Church of England to join the Ordinariate. Father Tom Page served as our parish priest from 2012 -2021. During his tenure, Fr Tom oversaw a momentous change when our neighbour church All Saints Kings Road closed permanently, and their congregation joined ours, the parishes merging to become The Ascension with All Saints. There was a period of vacancy before Fr Simon Pearce was made priest-in-charge in January 2023.

A note of historical interest is that, when St. Peter’s Church was demolished the font was removed to the Chelmsford and Essex Museum.