Community Garden

(Last Updated On: 25th November 2021)

On Ascension Sunday 2021 (which is one of our Feasts of Title) Fr Tom and Mthr Julia blessed the community Garden. The previous Thursday, packets of wild flower seeds were distributed in the community to celebrate the inauguration of the garden. The first plants have gone in and are taking root well.

August update – we have been enjoying a bountiful harvest from the garden, including beans, potatoes, rhubarb and sweet pea flowers. It has been glorious to watch the growth of the garden. Community tea is still taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3pm to 4:30pm in the garden at the front of the church. Do come along and enjoy the garden with a cuppa, a cake and conversation!

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Community Garden

(Last Updated On: 29th May 2021)

Our new community garden is developing quickly. The idea is for anyone who fancies it to come along and get digging, planting, watering and harvesting. It has been blessed and the first crops planted out. We also distributed packets of wild flower seeds to the community on Ascension Day.