Fundraising for the Community Centre – Mthr Julia’s Challenge!

(Last Updated On: 11th October 2021)

A message from Julia:

My beloved bike and I are ready for my COP26 BIKE CHALLENGE!I promise to travel only by bike or public transport from today and for the weeks leading up to COP26.If any travel requires the car (e.g. I don’t want to get to a funeral completely wet OR the husband taking me and the dog out – the dog refusing to go into any trailers), I pledge to offset those journeys. It’s a no frills challenge: no electric assistance! Just me, my legs, good lights and a high-vis vest. And, yes, of course it’s raining today…

AIMS:to find all those cycle paths in and around Chelmsford, promote them and get improvements for them where necessaryto motivate YOU to get on your bikes/the train/the bus for as many journeys as possible (let’s have a challenge!): It really is fun!to raise funds for the new community centre at Ascension with All Saints Chelmsford – a place for celebrating life in the community, for giving and receiving support (whoever you are, wherever you come from, whichever faith you have (or not)), for promoting sustainable living, for spreading the Good News of God’s Love for all His world.If you would like to join in the challenge, post your photos/videos/tips and tricks in the comments or link to your own page.And if you would like to support our community work at the Ascension with All Saints, please consider giving to this Just Giving page:…/community-centre-awas

Please keep us in your prayers as we try to make the Community Centre a reality.And please pray for COP26, that the conference may be a real mile stone on the way to living together a sustainable and fulfilling life.